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 Home    You Will Get A ‘Share’ That Can Not Buy A House

A new investment vehicle was born in the real estate. Citizens who do not have enough money to buy a home will now get a ‘share’. It will collect the desired shares and will become the host, sell the share of the request in the Istanbul Stock Exchange and benefit from the increase in value. With this model, the small investor will partner with big projects and benefit from the premium in the real estate sector. The first example of certifikan is in Basaksehir, Istanbul.


LONG is expected the expected real estate certificate is now in operation. A small investor who does not have a certificate to acquire real estate with a certificate to become a new financial investment intermediary may be a partner in the projects by buying shares from real estate projects. The first step of the model that would be used by small investors to increase the value of the real estate was laid in Istanbul Başakşehir. TOKI and Macro Construction partnership will pass the certificate will be applied for the first time in the Park Mavera 3 project certificate model.The individual or institutional investor will buy shares from the project.

While the investor who accumulates enough shares will be the host, the investors who want will benefit from the increase in value by selling their shares. Park Mavera 3 project fee per share was determined as 42. 5 pounds. Citizen living in Trabzon with this model will be able to share 42.5 TL and share the housing project in Basaksehir, Istanbul. While the project needs to collect at least 11.58 shares for 125 square meters 2 + 1 apartments, 21 458 shares will be needed for 5 + 1 apartments of 227 square meters. The investor will be able to buy as much as he wants within 3 years of construction time.

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