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 Home    Who can benefit from TOKI 2018 discount campaign?

Mass Housing Administraiton (TOKI) continues its working by making houses for people with low incomes in all over the Turkey. It also makes some campaigns. In 2018 there will be a 20% discount campaign. Applications will start in 24 of April with due 18 of May. There are some conditions for applying the campaign.

1-) There will be no debt in past

The ones who would like to take advantage from this campaign should have no debt or no instalment to TOKI from past. If there are any debts, they should be paid until 18 of May. There should also be no debt to government. Real estate taxes should be also paid.

2-) Campaign is valid for sales in 2016 and before

TOKI 2018 Discount Campaign sales are valid for residences taken in 2016 and the pay-back instalment started in the end of 2016.

3-) Border of remaining instalment

People who have remaining instalments less than 12 months can benefit from TOKI 2018 campaign of 20% discount.

People who will benefit from the campaign can also use credits from the banks that they signed Real Estate Sales Contract. In 2017, the campaign was done in summer, thus lots of people could not benefit from campaign due to being in holiday, said Ergün Turan the President of TOKI. He said that, for this reason the campain is starting in spring in this year. Last year 17 thousand of people had benefits from this campaign and lots of debts were paid.

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