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As it is known, Konya is the biggest city of our country in terms of face measurement. Due to Konya’s geographical location, it is located on many transit roads, which enables the rapid development of the province. Likewise, the influence of this situation can be easily seen in the lands of Konya. The fact that there are four universities that actively train in this city, which is highly developed in terms of industry and tourism, makes Konya an educational city.


As a student, those who have to come to Konya must first consider transportation to live. Unfortunately, the distances are so large that the face is so big. It will be of benefit to you to find a home from a location close to the campus where you will study. It may be advisable for those who will live in Konya for a long time to find houses near Seljuk or Meram. It can be said that the structures in Selçuklu district are newer and they are in a very convenient position in terms of transportation. Those who are in good financial condition are advised to find a house in Meram.

Among the districts to be experienced in Konya, Meram is the first place to attract attention. You can move your life to the top levels by living in the most luxurious houses and sites in certain parts of Meram. Besides, you will not have any problem about transportation in Meram as it is in Selçuklu district. It is quite economical because the student living in Konya is predominantly student. You can also easily reach everything you need.

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