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What Is A Rental Contract?

A rental contract is made between the person, who will rent the house and the person who will give the house to rent. The rental contract shows that, the person who will rent the house, wants to use the house and all the facilities in the house and that the person giving the house to rent, approves for this situation. The rental contract also says that, for this reason, the person who wants to rent the house must be able to pay the rent fee. The rental fee is always written or has to be written in the rental contract. The rental contracts are generally for 1 yıl. If the person renting the house, wants to stay in more than a year, a new rental contract has to be made. When a new rental contract is being signed, the owner of the house can also increase the fee of the rent.

A New System Has Come For Rental Fee

A new system for the house owners has been approved on the 1st of July 2012, so that the owner of the house can increase the rate of the rental fee. The new law is called the “New Debt Law”. According to the law, the 344th note says, that the house owners can increase the rate of the rental fee according to the Producer Price Index. Until today, many owners were putting an estimated rate to the rental fees, but from now, they can only increase the rate according to the Producer Price Index. The increase rate in houses are controlled by the Domestic Producer Price Index, but for the increase for the offices can still be decided by the owner of the property. The owner of the property, for offices can increase the rental fee as much as they like until 2020.

The Statistics of the Rental Fee Are Informed Every Month

The increase in rental fees are informed every month by the Turkish Statistical Institute. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, 15,50% increase was made to the rental fees in March. According to the Domestic Producer Price Index, 2,68% of increase of seen in the month before February. In December of the year before, 3,69% of increase was seen. Around at the same month last year, 13,71% of increase was seen. When we calcuate the average of the 12 months, 15,50% of increase in rental fee rate was seen.

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