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You want to be a homeowner but your savings are not enough for the house that you want to buy?

In such a case, the banks provide housing credit for person who want to be homeowner. The difference between the housing credit and the other types of credits is that the interest rate is low. Because, based on other individual loans, the housing credit is the type of loan that has the lowest interest rate.

It is recommended to everybody who is want to use a housing credit to research detailed the credit first. Although the interest rates are important in the housing credit, the other important point is the costs incurred in the housing credit usage process. Therefore you have to consider the costs of usage of housing credit.


  1. File Cost

All banks ask for the file cost for the housing loan, but the amount of the file charge varies from bank to bank. The rate of the file cost is generally determined by the total amount of the loan withdrawn.

  1. Commission

Banks can request the commission from housing credit with the aim of reducing the total cost. If the credit interest rate you want to attract is low, it will be your benefit to pay attention to the commission rate. The commission is usually between 1% and 2% of the credit.

  1. Expertise Fee

The cost of the expertise which is done to determine the value of the house you want to buy is taken from the consumer.

  1. Insurance Costs

It is necessity to have earthquake insurance when you use a housing loan. Therefore your compulsory earthquake insurance cost is included among your credit costs.

  1. Mortgage Allocation Fee

When you use a home loan, the house you want to buy is mortgaged. The bank charges a low amount money for the consumer for the mortgage transactions

  1. Mortgage Cancellation Fee

The mentioned mortgage is canceled after the loan is paid. There is also a fee for the cancellation of the mortgage, but this fee can be withdrawn with a petition later.

  1. Early Payment Penalty

You have received a home loan with a specific payment plan, but you want to pay your debts before the time. In such a case, the banks will pay a small fee in the form of an early payment penalty. This ratio is at most 2% of the credit.

  1. Account Operation and Statement Submission Fee

After the positive result of your housing loan request, your bank name will open an account. For this account opened, the bank may charge an account operation fee.

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