Home    VAT in the housing must be rearranged!

Mesa, who sold 8 projects worth 6 billion liras in investment this year, evaluated the year yesterday at a meeting. Speaking at the meeting, Mesa Chairman Erhan Boysanoğlu pointed out that sustainability is important in the real estate sector, which is the locomotive sector. Boysanoğlu said that VAT is the priority problem in this issue.


Boysanoğlu stated that this problem is reflected in big houses in Turkey, “VAT rate is applied as 18 percent in houses over 150 square meters in Turkey. It’s getting harder to find a 4-room house for a family of 3 children. This is not true in our country where you need housing. For example, in Poland where we do business, VAT is 8 percent. The average size of the houses is 50 square meters. However, VAT is increasing in large houses of 170 square meters. We should be doing this on 200 square meters, “he said.


Banks must give credit according to the status of the project

Boysanoğlu said that the banks had to give loans according to the situation of the project instead, and said: “In countries where housing is needed in Europe and Poland, the bank is effective at every point. For example, it gives a certain advance. The rest is credited according to the status of the project, or it is given to the developer by the customer. So he pays as much taxes as he gets. You can also see how many houses, parking lots and stores are sold.

Boysanoğlu, who informed the company that they were involved in the project carried out in Yassıada as a company, said, “We got into the rough in Yassıada. We are doing the landscape of the island. Even if the state is protected, there is still no license for the pier. When we do the quay we will have our work. We do not look at interior architecture.

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