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Among the urban transformation studies that will shape the future of Yıldırım district of Bursa, Yıldırım Mayor İsmail Hakkı Edebali, who is in the field of Mevlana Ulus Urban Transformation, has received information about ongoing studies.


President Ismail Edebali emphasized that the most important problem of the city is the bold decisions made about unplanned construction and that they have had a life of misfortune. “We started our construction in order to provide our citizens living in this region with a healthier, more qualified, safe and high standard life with our urban transformation work that we started in Mevlana District.


In my all-speed studies, we first applied the ground reinforcement system to the depression with the ‘jet grout’ system. Then we will take the bases of our houses in the field of construction and quickly go through the stages in our project. In the other part of the project, we continue to work on soil improvement and jet grouting. We will deliver 850 dwellings and commercial areas on the first stage to the citizens we have reconciled during the July-August period of 2018. While our aim is to create qualified and modern spaces in urban transformation, the residence where every detail from insulation to security is considered Standards to provide housing for our citizens in this project, “he said.


President İsmail Hakkı Edebali, who pointed out that the people who live in Yildirim are shaping urban transformation studies in order to bring them to a higher standard of living as they have imagined, “The more urban transformation we have started to complete our urban transformation, the more value our lives bring to our lives, They will see how important it is. We got permission to build this area by 8 times with the plan change that we made on the 450 hectare area in the six districts on the lower side of Ankara Road.

School districts, health areas, parking areas, closed market areas, wide roads, commercial areas and social facilities will be in this area, along with the homes that our people in these neighborhoods desire and dream of. The property that our people have possessed has become much more valuable with the zoning that we have given to 6 neighborhoods. “

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