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 Home    Two New Stage Houses in Buyukyali Istanbul

All of the apartments on the sea shore and the apartments on the outer side of Bahcekapi overlooking the lush inner gardens have all the colors of the Sea of Marmara and the Historical Peninsula with their sea view and they offer the sea and garden together with their large terraces. On intense interest, there are 4 + 1, 3 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartment options in the blocks opened for early sale; Within the scope of the ongoing Real estate housing campaign, 4 + 1 apartments also have a 1% VAT advantage.


Ozak, General Director of GYO Fatih Keresteci, who shares his views on the sale of new blocks, “The interest shown to the Büyükyalı continues. We are experiencing the excitement of bringing our new blocks to the sale long before the planned date. We decided to offer new units for sale in order to meet the intense demands of our 4 + 1 and terraced apartments. I am confident that investors will be very interested in my new blocks in this period where serious advantages are being offered to invest in the Büyükyalı.”

In Buyukyalı, which stands out as a profitable project in the branded luxury housing category with a net square meter value, within the Real Estate Housing campaign, there is an opportunity to invest with 5 years maturity, 10 years 0,45 and 20 years 0,79 maturity. The price is determined as the Turkish Lira since the first day, and the advantage of purchasing is not affected by the increase in foreign exchange.

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