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Both giant hospitals in Istanbul continue to work on both sides is now in the end. 400 hospitals on Sancaktepe and 2 hospitals with 600 beds on Seyrantepe will be opened in 2017.

While the opening of giant projects in the health field continues at a great pace, 2 giant hospitals, which are under construction in both sides of Istanbul, will be offered to the public in the next months.


The 400-bed hospital, which was completed within 2.5 years after projecting on Sancaktepe immediately after its project, will be offered to the citizens together with the assignment of personnel in March 2017.


Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu stated that the location of the hospital is very strategic because of the fact that the hospitals throughout Istanbul have about 35,000 beds and that the newly constructed hospital is located on the line extending especially to Çekmeköy, Sultanbeyli and even Şile. Sancaktepe is one of the regions with the highest population growth and for the first time this region has a hospital. The 600-bed hospital where the construction of the Şişli Etfal Hospital will continue to be carried out on Seyrantepe will be done in December and will be made to the Ministry of Health. TOKI has conveyed to the Ministry of Health a total of 266 hospitals in the last 4 years. These hospitals were said to start from 10 yachts and extend up to 1,000 beds.

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