Home    Turks Are Increasing Housing Investment In The US

Guler stated that Turkish students are proposing to buy a house in the uS, saying, “I tell Turkish students to buy a house in the US, the average price of a house in America is 50-100 thousand dollars, and they already pay 50 thousand dollars in 48 months. -200 thousand dollars will be the capital to bring this money to Turkey, and if it stays there, it will support the visa, the life and the crucial life. ”


Guler stated that the Turkish citizens who were going to the US for a certain time encouraged him to buy a house and that they thought that the Turks bought about 25 thousand real estate properties last year in the uSA and that this year they will get 35-40 properties from the uSA.

Guler said that the number of visitors from the uSA to Turkey last year was 600-800 thousand and that this property sold real estate to the 269th place and that an average of 5 million 700 thousand properties were sold annually in the USA and that the foreigners who bought the most real estate in the country were Canada, And from Brazil. Guler said he believes that it is more attractive to buy real estate in the united States because of the shorter turnaround of investors in Turkey. He said that the white-collar going abroad should be supported by businessmen and students to buy real estate.

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