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 Home    Transit Van Shuttles between Turkey and Iran began

Transit Van Shuttles started between Ağrı and the cities of our neighboring country; Urmia and Tabriz with the protocol signed between Turkey and Iran.  According to the protocol that has been signed transit van services began. At a ceremony in front of Governor’s Office of Ağrı, Governor of Ağrı Süleyman Elban said that Ağrı and Iran have a long boundary line.

Elban stated that Ağrı and Iran have a lot of similarities such as historical values, culture and belief. He also declared that even though they are so close to Iran and have the longest boundary line of Turkey, they cannot benefit from trade and relationships, they don’t have any Iranian guests, they only pass through Gürbulak Border Gate directly and go to different cities such as Trabzon or Erzurum.

He also expressed that they started transportation with four vehicles as a beginning; they are hired by Governorate. They don’t think to continue these shuttles; they think if a corporation assumes the leadership, system will be in order.

Private Sector will organize the shuttles after putting everything in order

Elban stated that one of the shuttles goes through Maku to Tabriz and the other one goes through Khoy to Urmia and shuttles will be vested in private sector after they put everything in order. Elban states that shuttles don’t have any difficulties as crossing the border according to the meeting between both sides and he also hopes that everything will be good for both Turkey and Iran.

These four vans which are hired by Provincial Special Administration of Ağrı will continue the shuttle for 6 months and he states that it may extend the time in case of need. Shuttles, which are started to improve tourism and trade between two countries, are held from Iran to Ağrı in the mornings and from Ağrı to Iran in the afternoons.

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