Home    Toki Will Sell The Houses For Low Income Group With 250 TL Installments!

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu,  in the headquarters of the AK Party Extended Provincial and Mayors’ Meetings, TOKİ’na initiated a new move by passing 200 thousand new housing project, said:

“I hope that we will offer 75 square meters of housing that we have produced in the past, 240 months in cash and only 250 liras in installments to address especially low incomes, especially to our pensions, in the area of poverty incumbents. , we reduce this 3-year premium payment requirement to 2 years. ”

Davutoglu explained that all the debts of agricultural cooperatives will be put back and restructured and thus, he said, “We are making electricity prices for those who are drip irrigation below the current agricultural irrigation prices starting from the end of 2015.

TOKİ, who built 631 thousand houses in the past, will pass on 200 thousand new housing projects, Davutoglu said that the houses which are most appropriately constructed as 75 square meter architects especially for the retirees, and 250 liras in installments to be offered to the service expressed.

Davutoglu said, “Kılıçdaroğlu is trying to present the services we have provided in very good conditions as new promises because he does not know the services and TOKI.” We will fully meet the housing needs, especially our pensions with 200 thousand houses.

Davutoglu used the phrase “such interruptions will not be made if the intersections of electricity and water are interrupted in the areas entering the urban transformation and when the settlement is reached”.

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