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 Home    Toki Makes The Pensions Give Home With 300 TL Installments

Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKI) has mobilized to make the pensions host. For this, TOKİ is implementing two different methods as ‘demand projects’ and ‘separation of 25 percent quota for social housing projects’. This year, many retirement houses are aiming to host with an installment of 300 pounds per month. TOKİ will build 25 percent quota for retirement from 65 thousand social housing units to be built in 2017. Thus, this year will be able to become a homeowner as 16,250 pensioners pay rent.

How to Apply?

TOKI will continue to carry out projects in line with the requests from governorships related to residential construction in this year. TOKI is making announcements to retirees who want to be a host.


Houses Are Not Benefited

According to the report of the Calendar, the conditions required for obtaining a house from TOKI are as follows: The residence of the project within the province / district borders where the project is located is not less than 1 year, or is registered to the province where the project is located; Not having received housing from TOKI; Not having an independent section or an independent detached dwelling on the floor belonging to the child, his / her spouse and / or children under his / her custody; Monthly household income is at most 3,200 liras (3,700 liras in Istanbul); To be retired from the SSI (if the pensioner dies, the widow may be present): only one of the spouses, if both are retired, must be present.

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