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Faced with some serious problems in the internal markets, retailers will try to reduce the intensive pressure of foreign exchange by opening 500 new stores outside the country. Retailers who are trying to spread and alleviate some of the troubles in the domestic market are planning to open 500 new stores worldwide this year. It is expected that the number of 99 members who are merged under the United Marks Association (BMD) will be increased to around 3 thousand in the direction of the determined new target while 1,500 stores are located abroad.


Sinan Oncel, the head of the United Markalar Association, has made a statement about the subject. Sinan Oncel explained that retailing is a special force in the Turkish economy and in the retail sector, and stated that retailers will be located in a big geography from Europe to India this year.


Yesterday, the representatives of the sector came together because of the Abroad Expansion Meetings in Istanbul and they were in important explanations. Cüneyt Yavuz, Member of the Board of Directors of the United brands association and Blue CEO, noted that the issue had to be done to increase export per kilogram. They expressed that they could contribute to the branded economy by making innovations not only to produce freight but also to add added value.


For this reason, Yavuz declared that they would make a trip to India on 18-22 July. With a visitor reaching approximately 16 million within a year, Mall Of Istanbul Shopping Center became one of the most important points in tourism. In addition, the shopping mall is hosting foreign visitors from the Gulf Countries and the Middle East, usually from foreign customers with a total number of 10.

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