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 Home    This Time, Kagithane is Profitable for Investment in Istanbul

Real estate investments have been made fast for the last years. Istanbul is the leader city of Real Estate Sector in Turkey. Not only people in Turkey also the foreign investors prefer İstanbul for their real estate investments. Real Estate Investment generally offers good earnings in İstanbul and the housing prices are increased. New projects have been completed in Kagithane where is the one of the most popular business centers in İstanbul. Pre-Demands for these project’s houses are received by the project owners. Official sales have not started yet so the project authorities explained that they hold the prices low as this process continues. This situation is seemed as an advantage for the people who desire make a real estate investment or buy a house in İstanbul.


The Advantage of Purchase a House with a Lower Price

Profitable areas for real estates in Istanbul may make the investors happy because of their investment decisions. Now, as we states; the project houses in Kagithane are sold by 5.400 TL for metre square. (m2) The delivery of the houses is being planned to done in 2018 December. The Houses in the project have a wonderful viewing terraces and social facilities.

Convenience in Social Life with This Project in Kagithane

Real estate projects in Istanbul provides many kinds of opportunities especially in Social Life in order to get the attraction of the investors. The houses have private and guest parking, 3m2 warehouse areas for each one, swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, mini football fields, game center, basketball fields, sauna and other features. The Houses also have a 7/24 Security Service. (The Houses are in form of 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1)

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