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The housing loan interest is being raised almost for the year and at the end of the March, it reached its peak by 1.23 percent monthly rate. This number is seen first within the 8,5 years. The lowest rate of housing interest was seen in June 2013 with 0,69 percent and after this period interest entered upward trend again after FED’s tapering announcement, the Gezi events and the 17-25 December operations. Some other dramatic events occurred which raised geopolitical tensions,  such as dropping off a Russian Plane,  Terrorist Organisation of FETO’s July 15 coup attempt, and Central Bank of United States of America’s high-interest rates.
Interest rate decreased
There has been seen a decrease after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s call to Turkish banks. Turkish Banks collaborated and helped on the decrease of interest rate. The numbers were 0,92. The call was successful but after time the housing interest rate raised again at the end of the year, the interest rate was 1,23. As all developed countries did, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, scheduled a tight monetary policy against inflation but anyhow all the rates of interest were in uprising scale.  The loan interest of housing rate reached the highest level since August 2008, with 1.23 percent at the end of March, in the same time the annual housing loan interest rate was 14.79 percent and the housing loan interest rate was 11.06 percent at the end of March last year.

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