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 Home    The State Spent 140.5 Million Lira On Rent

Since 2002, 140 million 514 thousand 913 TL has been paid to the leased service buildings for Ministries of Justice, Economy, Health, Foreign Affairs, Environment and Urbanism, Labor and Social Security and its subsidiaries. MHP Secretary General İsmet Büyükataman’s question proposal on this subject revealed that the state was working for rent.


The Ministry of Justice ‘s 10 – year tenancy for 2006-2016 was 7 million 106 thousand 647 TL. Prison buildings and their families also paid 2 million 188 thousand 648 liras rent. Minister Bekir Bozdag announced that they are on the way to rent for services if there is no suitable immovable to be allocated by the public.

Ministry of Labor and Social Security rented 8 service buildings in 2010-2016. Between 8 and 7, between 2011-2015 3 million 169 thousand 680 TL rent payment was made. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also rented three service buildings in Ankara and Istanbul in 2002-2016. 18 million 813 thousand 10 liras for these leases were paid. 1 On December 1, 1997, an additional service building of 3 thousand 585 square meters was rented for 60 thousand 232 monthly and 722 thousand 790 TL monthly rent. Since May 1, 2015, the Foreign Office has been paying 51 thousand 933 dollars per month to the building of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and the Istanbul Representative Office of the ministry in Darüşşafaka Caddesi, Istanbul, and 623 thousand 196 dollars per year. Gaziantep Representative Agency rented as a block of 180 thousand square meters consisting of 4 blocks of 25 thousand per month, 300 thousand TL per year is rented.

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