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 Home    The Rents Of The Foundations Helped Ease The Expedition

Such Support Relieves Them

By making various grading on the real estate’s belonging to the foundations, Ertem stated that they went to a rent reduction up to 30 percent from 5 percent and shared the following information:

Ertem stated that they did not increase their rents last year and added to their tenants’ discounts according to the categorization mentioned in this year and this will be an advantage. The new regulation starts as of January 2017 and ends as of December 2017. So this will be a special discount Year, we will make the lease over the uncommitted price of 2017. By the end of 2016, when we passed the year 2017, there was no redeemable price, and we will determine the lease price for the year 2018 on the basis of the figures stated in normal contracts.


Our Tenants Will See Reduced Rates in the Months of April When They Rent Their Rents

They made a study of what we can do about the ratio at the point of elimination, and we took into consideration the low level of tourism revenues when determining the rate, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism stated that this year the tourism revenues decreased by 29.1 percent. Especially in Istanbul, there are tremendous victimization due to the terrorist events and the withdrawal of tourism. They are realizing this reduction in the framework we have reconciled. Tenants will be able to see discounts when they rent their rents in April.

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