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ERA Real Estate General Manager Özhan Atalay said that Turkey started to lag behind the movement in the real estate sector with the winter months.

Atalay, “which also impact on real estate sales of the seasons as well as other countries around the world Turkey is an undisputed fact. The families are waiting for the winter season to finish, to make new decisions in their lives, and to pass the winter and rainy seasons to be able to examine them comfortably. ”

Both the sector and the housing vary

Atalay said that the real estate sector varies seasonally:

“After February, the markets are moving and there is a period of intensive buying until the end of June. When we look at the increase and decrease in sales and rents in the real estate sector, we see that Turkish people have shaped themselves in terms of seasons in the purchase and sale of houses and leasing transactions, and seasons directly affect sales and renting figures in our country.

“In the autumn and winter months housing rental sales transactions are stagnant”

Atalay emphasized that during the autumn and winter months housing sales leasing transactions were stagnant, spring and summer sales and leasing reached the highest levels, Atalay said, “We see that there is a decrease in demand for sale and rental housing in November, December, January and February.”

Continuing his remarks, Atalay said, “With the end of February, this place of relaxation is leaving intensive purchasing period in March, April, May and June. Despite the seasonal decline in housing sales in July and August, demand for rental housing has also increased as schools have closed down. We are observing that the sales of houses increase especially in the summer regions with the effect of the season. July, August is the period when renting and buying not only for the cottage but also for the residence, to the highest level. In September and October, the schools are opening, and with the approach of the last spring there is a downturn in rentals “.

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