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Ziya Yilmaz who is Dap Holding chairman and at the same time he witnessed the growth of the trade sector. His son has become a locomotive of the economy during 15 years as well as his son provides the country with a modern and also contemporary look position to present. Ziya Yilmaz who is Dap holding chairman said that these cities that are equipped with perfect infrastructure and superstructure works are the bright side of Turkey towards west and we will continue without slowing down our works. Ziya Yilmaz said that we completely trust our own country and will always be in the face and witness of those who want to attract our own country to the dark. However, despite all of such terror attacks we will contribute to the revival of the economy by making sacrifice of our own share in our own business area.


This Industry Gradually Shows A Big Improvement

Ziya Yilmaz explains that the industry reached the summit gradually in recent years. It can be seen as a golden age of the real estate sector where boutique projects and also large – scale projects are activated in the order without stopping. Under the age of 30, the educated, qualified and also dynamic young population will continue to desire to live and in parallel to this demanding is increasing. Therefore, project developers continue to supply this demand.

Strong Government Affects Positively The Market!

Political stability can be sustained in our country and maintained in a permanent style, which will also have a very serious contribution to economic stability

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