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 Home    The Project For The Sale Of 300 Million Pounds İn Topkapı

In this year, Sur Yapı, Tempo City, Excellence Run, Yeşilmavi and District Bahçekent projects were carried out in Topkapı every month.


Topkapi Houses, which have been living with Topkapı’s investment of 300 million liras, consist of 224 houses and 29 commercial units. In the project where 49 to 456 square meters of houses are located, the selling prices of square meters start from 8,500 TL. Apartment prices vary between 448 thousand and 2 million 315 thousand TL. Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Sur Yapı Chairman Altan Elmas, “2017 will be our project year. In 2016, we started 4 projects. This year our goal is to develop a project every month. We are now offering our 5th project for sale. ”


Mr. Elmas said that he bought the land in Topkapı, an old factory land, 2 years ago, with Necmettin Boyner, İsmail Boyner and Aslı Boyner and Eren Holding as floor share and revenue sharing model. “In our project with 57,500 square meters construction area, 224 houses and 29 commercial areas Will take place. The prices in square meters are below the zone. While the price of square meter in Topkapı was around 9,500 to 10 thousand TL, these prices start from 8,500 TL in our project. We also apply zero interest for 60 months and 0.45 for 120 months. ”


At the same time, the project located near the E-5 highway, Atatürk Airport, meters, Marmaray and Davutpaşa metro station is at the same time as Koç University. “Our project consists of 8 blocks of 3 and 11 floors and 1 + 1, 2 +1 and 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartments, “he said. Diamond, dense conversion of rent prices have fallen in the areas specifying the stating, “Fikirtepe already 12-13 projects, 10 thousand houses are under construction. These properties will be delivered soon. Therefore, the first 2-3 years may be a contraction in prices, “he said.

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