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 Home    The Process Of Construction Works On Çamlıca Tv-radio Tower İs Being Accelerated

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Turkey Ahmet Arslan, has examined construction works on Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower.

Minister Arslan gave information to the journalist about the last works that have been done after examinations and he pointed that they could not run the lift and the tower cranes because of the negative effects of the seasonal conditions especially when wind speed was over 30 km/h.

Minister Arslan  said  that the tower will consist of 49 floors and 4 floors will be underground, the remaining parts will be above the ground and he also mentioned that;

“We managed to have done the work by overlaying every part into a  concrete block in a 144.5-meter steel construction consisting of 12 pieces. Then, we added a 23.5-meter spine on it, we pulled it up.  The ones who look at here were thinking that no work had been done here but it should be known, the steel construction on it was built by adding the tip to the inside of a full 200 thousand tons.”

“The 31-meter section was taken on top of the 221-meter concrete block. We will have done the work stage by stage with these 31 meters, 144.5 meters of steel construction plus 23 meters of a spine and 167 meters of the stage. While doing these towing operations, we build balconies that can be roamed on in every 24 meters. These constructions are being done by only 2 people, you can take more staff there even if you wish to. “

“We work as weather conditions are stable”

Minister Aslan, underlined that an important work is being done and there are many processes that need to follow each other, while doing such an important job. “that is why, It is moving slow, it seems like that.” Said Arslan and he added that the wind has to allow us to move such a mass.

The Tower is planned to be built this year 

Arslan pointed that when wind speed reaches over 30 km/h they could not run the lift and the tower cranes, he also noted that;

“So this forces us to wait and we can only work as the weather conditions are convenient. In winter periods we did not have that chance to work outside as much as we wish, this reason needs to be emphasized in particular. We hope that the work processes will accelerate again this spring. Our goal is to finish the construction within this year. The wind prevented us to finish it till the time we promised. So now we refrain from giving an exact time”

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