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 Home    The One and Only Solution for an Eartquake is Urban Transformation

It Is a Must

According to president Başoğlu, urban transformation is the only solution and also the most important protectionism. As everyone knows there are many fault lines in nearly every part of Turkey which augments the risk of earthquake. To prevent this problem it is a must to do urban transformationn The mayor of İzmir who is Aziz Kocaoğlu told the same things as Başoğlu with the speech that he had done at the iftar meal. There were nearly 2000 people in this organisation and the host was Kocaoğlu.

He Mentioned About the Earthquake

In the iftar meal that he had organized he also mentioned about the earthquake which had happen in İzmir in the recent times. He said that this earthquake once again showed us how the urban transformation and life conditions can be affective in our lives and also how both of them are important. Başoğlu said that the local government and centralized management also see the urban transformation as a necessity. Firstly we have to convince the local people and then we should strat the urban transformation from little to big more precisely from districts to province.

There Is No Other Solution

As it is known we are waiting for a big earthquake in the Marmara region which epicentre will probably be İstanbul. This earthquake can affect the entire region. Another catastrophe as in the 1999 earthquake can happen once again so everybody should be ready for an urban transformation.

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