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Istanbul is the most interesting city in Turkey. This city has very different features and it is very attractive and profitable for the real estate investors. Many researches have been done for İstanbul. One of them is about its population structure. As the results of the researches; the oldest and youngest districts of İstanbul were explained. İstanbul University faculty of economics explained the results of the “My Districts İstanbul” project. İstanbul Development Agency supported this project. The project stated the population structure as age according to the İstanbul areas.

Where Do The Oldest And Youngest People Live In Istanbul?

Mahallem Istanbul Project shows the districts where the oldest and youngest people live. According to the research the old population focused in Kadıkoy, Goztepe, Feneryolu, Suadiye and Fenerbahce. These districts are generally known as peaceful and calm. Many people who live in districts are about over the 45 years old. (Average)

Istanbul’s young population prefers to live in Arnavutkoy, Sultanbeyli and Esenyurt. The people who live in related areas are generally about 25 years old.


What Is “Mahallem Istanbul”?

Mahallem Istanbul project is prepared by Istanbul University Faculty of Economics and aims to activate the system to get information related to the Urban Public Services at the districts level in Istanbul. This system also includes statistical information, visual files and data. The information will be available online and on mobile. A map-based databased will be used for this project. There will be data related to the urban and public area. (Education, social life, health etc…)

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