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 Home    The Natural Gas Of The Houses Will Be Stored İn ‘Salt Lake’

The filling process started in the first caverns (artificial cave) opened at the Salt Lake Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility.
Salt Founded Lake south of Aksaray Sultanhanı districts and 2023 60 caverns when the plant will reach full capacity upon completion, in Turkey’s housing to meet about 50 percent of annual natural gas consumption of 5.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas stored, it is intended to be used when needed.
Last year, the ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim took place in the province of Sultanhanı, 40 kilometers from Aksaray’s Salt Lake, and 1.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be stored in 12 caverns planned for the first time.
The facility, which will reach 60 caverns with the opening of an additional 48 caverns, the second phase of the project, will serve at full capacity.
M. Talha Pamukçu, Deputy General Manager of Pipelines and Petroleum Transportation Inc. (BOTAŞ), told AA correspondent that the Salt Lake beds were melted with a special method to create empty volume and the volume was turned into a natural gas storage area.

“We will have a storage volume of 5.4 billion cubic meters”

Pamukçu stated that the project started in 2011 and that the first gas was printed in February last year and the activity was passed.
“In the first part of our project we took the total of 12 caverns we envisaged to operate 6 by 2018. We will reach 550 million cubic meters with these caverns.12 We will reach a total storage volume of 1.2 billion cubic meters when we process the corpse. If we reach 5.4 billion cubic meters of storage volume reach full capacity with 60 caverns. Turkey’s current annual gas consumption is about 50 billion cubic meters. it is consumed in our in approximately 10 billion cubic meters of housing. Therefore Salt Lake natural gas storage Facility, Turkey, when it reaches full capacity natural gas will be able to meet about 50 per cent of the consumption of housing, so this project is a very critical and vital project. ”

“We will complete the first phase of the project”

Pamukçu pointed out that storage operations were carried out in 6 caverns at the moment and that “We have begun to fill up the gas in 6 caverns within the first phase of the project.In 2018 we aim to reach a volume of 550 million cubic meters with 6 caverns and with the transfer of the remaining 6 caverns, We will complete the phase. ” she said.

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