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 Home    The Most Suitable Regions for Land Investment – 2017

The land to be invested in the regions will be able to attract the interest of those who want to evaluate their savings in 2017.

Always favorite: Istanbul


Compared to the developed region in Istanbul, the land to be invested at much lower prices. There are many districts for the year 2017. There are many opportunities for you in the areas that increase the potential with new projects. Arnavutköy, which will own major investments such as Third Airport and Kanal Istanbul, is at the top of the list. Silivri and Çatalca are long-lasting and increasing their value by protecting their place on the agenda. Earnings in this region soon finds 38%, making the investor’s face laugh.

silivri-landFor those looking for an opportunity: Gebze and Ankara

Gebze and Ankara are the two major cities where the investment of land will be called 2017. Gebze, which is at the center of national and international transport networks such as E-5 Highway, TEM Highway, Gulf Transit Bridge, High Speed Train, Marmaray, proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Eskihisar-Topçular Ferry Line and North Anatolian Highway to start construction, It becomes an attraction center with its location. In Ankara, according to Real Estate Adviser Evren Barutçu, Yapracık is still in the first place among the investmentable regions despite rising land prices. When the population of Ankara is estimated to reach 6.200.000 in 2023, when the 2023 master planning plan is examined, it is expected that Eskişehir Environment Road will have a dense population from the beginning to the Temelli.

silivri-land catalca-land

Rising Values: İzmir and Çanakkale

The representatives of the construction sector express that the real estate market in İzmir will come alive after the completion of İzmir – Istanbul highway, which will shorten the transportation time to three and a half hours. Bornova, Altındağ and Çamdibi regions, where the highest number of highway connection entrances are located, are expected to gain value while the increase in real estate prices is expected in İzmir. While the Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge Transition Project is proceeding quietly, land prices are already increasing.

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