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 Home    The Land That Would Be Mall In İstanbul Is Bought By The Municipality

All of the land where is on the Vatan street  and  which was supposed to build a mall or a historical  mosque on transferred  to the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality  (IMM).  While Metal Yapi-Konut is giving up on the mall Project,  they also sold  the 6400 meter  square  share of them on the  13000 meter  square  land  to  İstanbul  Metropolitan  Municipality in Exchange of  370 million Turkish liras.

The land which is on Vatan Street İstanbul has been discussed for a long time. The 6400 metre square of the 13000 metre square land which stands between Migros and Aytekin Kotil Park was belong to the company which is called Metal Yapi- Konut. The rest of the land belongs to the IMM. While the part which belongs to the IMM was stated as an disaster gathering place, the idea of planning the rest of the land to convert into a trade area started a discussion in previous years.  It is asserted to be made a five floor hotel, a mall, a historical mosque or a residence project on the discussed area.

İn previous days there has been an unexpected development about the land.  After company gave up the mall project, sold the land to the IMM. The all of the 13000 metre square land become IMM’s property. It is not known how the IMM will utilize the land .

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