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Architecture” was under the spotlight during the “Architecture Week” activities that took place between 2-6 October 2017 at the Building-Industrial Center (YEM).


In the first week of the event, which was attended by representatives from different professional disciplines, the first prize was devoted to the training of architecture, education professionals in the session “Educators Architecture”. 2 October 2017 World Architecture Day theme reminds me of “Going for Action for Climate Change!” Beykent University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Professor Dr. Şengül Öymen Gür stated that the world is getting warmer and energy problems are happening. “21. Century is not spoiled, “said Gur, underlining that the world’s natural resources are used as if they were four planets.
In the second session entitled “Architecture with Employers” directed by Enis Öncüoğlu, attention was paid to the importance of harmony between the employer and the architect in successful projects. Architect Kadriye Karabulut, assistant director of İBB Superstructure Projects Director, who made the first word in the session, said, “The employer can help the architect when he knows the material. When you know what you want, the employer-architect relationship is fast moving. The inspiration for an architect, as it is said in the movie ‘The Architect’, is to make the customer perfect. The more accurately you carry out this relationship, the more successful it will be. ”

Guzin Konuk: “A new life model with human and environmental focus will be built”

On the second day architects were discussing with the designers; lighting, acoustics, interior architecture and landscaping were discussed and the importance of urban design was taken into consideration. MSGSÜ Faculty of Architecture Urban Planning Department Retired Education Professor Dr. Guzin Konuk underlined that cities should be taken as strategic in the 21st century.

Salih Küçüktuna: “Architects are staying far behind in the use of technology

Architecture is one of the most conservative and oldest profession and expressed resistance to innovations Salih Küçüktuna said: “Architects for this reason staying behind to technology use. The use of technology should spread to all university education. ”
Aydonat Atasever: “We will be able to print home with 3D printer”

Atasever: “elements he thought in his head in the Mimar Un design stage today can be printed in three-dimensional models. Very soon the house will be able to be printed. The structure will be broken down into smaller sizes, these will be joined together to form a house. Each of these components will be in the 3D printer’s library. “

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