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Prime Minister Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) Chairman Ergün Turan gave the tributes of Istanbul social home.

Ergün Turan, the President of the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ), who is a guest at the Anatolian Agency Finance Desk, has made important statements about thomas and projects. Turan, ” I say that especially for TOKI production segment, we can not talk about a balance, we sell almost everything we produce. Sometimes, on the private sector, there may be some problems in branded housing projects due to excessive supply in certain segments. it has succeeded in regulating itself so far when the excess has occurred. ” used expressions.

Silivri project to be tendered in March

Turan, who stated that his purpose is to make the citizens who want to access the social housing a residence owner, said, “We have not abandoned this in Istanbul, I have gotten the tender day in Silivri this year and I am guessing that it will be in the middle of March. We also plan to build an area in Tuzla district where we have a medium social housing and there are houses that we will make for a narrow income group, and we will have offered 3 thousand 500-4 thousand houses this year in Istanbul. ”

4 TOKI Park projects are coming

President Turan expressed that they are interested in large-scale park projects, and continued his words as follows: “At the moment we are building a park which will be 2 million square meters in total when we complete it in İstanbul Kayabaşı, we have tendered 350 thousand square meters now and it will be an example park. An ecological park is being constructed and I hope that we will be opening it in the autumn months and we want to manage these big ones now, we call them TOKI Park.

We also met with the mayor of the metropolitan city. Because these are not the things we do on our own. We will give them to the metropolitan municipality. We bought a land in Pendik and we work there. We are building in an area of 300 thousand square meters. It will be a grove overlooking the sea. We will be building a grove area this year, where there will be a social facility and the whole area will be surrounded by trees and hiking trails. “

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