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One of the first tourists from the Gulf countries of destination in Turkey, Trabzon, Yomra district received the largest share of the housing and real estate sales in recent years.
17 km from the city center with a population of 35 thousand, 7 km away from the airport as well as shopping centers and is located in the center of almost the center of the hotel.

Having hosted a large part of the Arab tourists because of the 5-star houses it hosts, Yomra offers apartments with different comforts and prices for tourists who like to enjoy the city in recent years. Apartments in the district center offered for sale with prices ranging from 170 thousand to 650 thousand pounds are offered to the liking of tourists coming from the Gulf countries, mainly Arabs.

“Nearly 3 houses were built in 3 years”

Yomra Mayor Ibrahim Sağıroğlu, AA correspondent, said that the sale of intensive housing and real estate in the county said.

Sağıroğlu stated that the intensity of the sale of the houses has been going on for the last 3 years, “We have experienced a stagnation for a while this year but we know that the same intensity will continue with the Ramadan Festival because the groups that business people make up the majority will flock to our city. she said.

“For example, you can not find a local citizen in the whole of the apartment of 800 apartments built by the dubaians,” says Sagioglu.

Sağıroğlu pointed out that the construction industry in the district is getting bigger and bigger every day and said that there are 3 houses in the district in the last 3 years and about 300-350 of them are bought by Arab tourists.

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