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Fuzul Yapı and TOKİ (Turkish mass housing administration) partnership, the TEM Eurasia (TEM Avrasya) Residences Project, which is alive, is rising in Gaziosmanpaşa Karayolları district. The project consists of 6 blocks with 17-18 floors and there are 17 street shops including 612 apartments and 1 market. The family concept is on the front plan, houses 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1. In the project “Install your house now, pay the loan installments until 2019,” the company is paying installments for the limited number of housing units. TEM Eurasia (TEM Avrasya) Houses Project, built on land of 18 thousand 621 square meters, is 5 minutes to Maslak, 10 minutes to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, 2 minutes to metro and GOP Taksim Training and Research Hospital and 20 minutes to Atatürk Airport. Heart of the new life center.

Just Imagine You… We Serve All Your Dreams

TEM Eurasia (TEM Avrasya) Residences Project is closed and you really are a residence. Imagine a life in your car park, your house / clean your home, your home… Every minute, every moment you live for your dreams. Spend a lifetime to realize your dreams in TEM Eurasia (TEM Avrasya) Residences Project… And one day it comes to those dreams that you have never expected. That moment is the most important moment of your life. Either you hug those dreams or the reverse hand of your thrust. It’s the rest of your life that you’ll disappear from your eyes, your dreams or your shine. There is a way of life that is privileged for everyone.

TEM Eurasia (TEM Avrasya) Residences Project, which makes a difference with its social areas, also includes children’s play areas, 2 indoor swimming pools, sauna, Turkish bath, steam bath, fitness center, security and closed parking. We ask you to just imagine ceaselessly.

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