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With the employment mobilization initiated throughout the country, significant incentives came to the employers. In 2017, employers who have recruited people who have been unemployed for the last three months will not pay insurance premiums and income taxes. The construction sector, which is one of the sectors that contributed most to employment in Turkey, is the target with incentives. The construction sector, which provides about 2 million jobs, expects to employ 200,000 additional jobs this year. Reminding that the government has made VAT and subsidy reductions in the last few years to support the construction sector, the sector representatives said, “New project for employment, new investment. We are enthusiastic. However, these projects have to be corrected in order to pass the vital points in the regulations and license acquisition processes should be accelerated now. Housing loan interest rates also do not increase, and if mobility continues in residential sales, employment increases by 10 percent. ”



Altan Elmas, Head of the Housing Development and Investors Association (KONUTDER), who emphasized the importance of the construction sector for the Turkish economy, added, “As a sector, we were the sector that provided the most employment with 154 thousand additional jobs at the end of the first quarter of 2017. Housing sales rose 7.6 percent in April despite a referendum. Even if we look at the first 4 months of the year, we are ahead of sales in 2016.


We should continue to grow in residential sales. For this, the mortgage interest rates should not exceed 0.90. Sales should be good for new projects and new jobs. Despite the ups and downs during the year, we close this year ahead of last year in employment. We expect 200,000 additional jobs compared to the previous year, “he says. “The most important problem in the construction sector is the bureaucracy and this is the motivation of the investors,” said Elmas, “Every municipality in Istanbul is doing arbitrary practice. Some 500,000 liras and one 5 million mortar are required for the same projects and these are investors. The investment environment should improve for employment growth, “he says.


Nazmi Durbakayım, the President of the Istanbul Constructors Association (İNDER), stated that he is doing his utmost to contribute to the mobilization of the private sector in the occupation. He said that new projects are needed for the new workers. Durbakayım stated that sector players are enthusiastic about new investments. “Before new projects are passed on, the urban transformation must be opened. Here, if the blocked points are dissolved, new projects will increase. Good sales in the current market determine new investments. The key point for this is housing loan interest rates. The most important problem in the sector is the bureaucratic obstacle. License acquisition times should not be that long, “he says. In the first two months of the year Durbakayım stated that the employment of 1 million 700 thousand would exceed 2 million, “We predict a 10 percent increase in housing sales in 2017. It is possible to say the same for employment “.

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