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For 44 years, Sinpaş has been giving direction to the real estate sector with its original projects and firsts that it has gained, and will talk about its name again with its new campaign. Sinpaş Finance City in Istanbul, Queen Bomonti, Aydos Country, Metrolife, Gökorman. The campaign, created with Altinoran in Ankara, Marina Ankara, Aegean Valley and Aqua City Denizli in Denizli, offers the opportunity to be immediately hosted with low installments.

Sinpaş has made innumerable innovations”

The campaign, which will be valid for all projects that direct Sinpaş’s real estate market, offers incredible advantages for those who want to be hosted in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Denizli. With the super plan that runs until March 4, you can be homeowners with low installments or you can have the opportunity to invest with fixed monthly amounts.

The projects that introduced Ankara first; ALTINORAN and MARINA ANKARA

Sinpaş, which is chosen as a super brand of real estate, will start living in Çankaya Ankara immediately. It offers an opportunity to become a home owner with a installment of 3.460 TL in Marina Ankara, which will be delivered in Altınoran with 3.570 TL installment or in September. Altınoren and Marina will be hosts from Ankara and will add color to their lives with the rich social equipments they will encounter for the first time in a housing project.

Sinpaş’s Newest Project: FINANCE CITY

Sinpaş Finance City will be the heart of the Istanbul International Finance Center, which is neighbor and within walking distance. Sinpaş Finans Cities offers a warm, low-rise urban life right next to the financial center, with horizontal architectures ranging from 4 to 15 floors, brick-patterned portholes, balconies in every apartment. With a $ 1.2 billion investment, a perfect luxury life and street life will soon be in the immediate vicinity of the global financial center in Istanbul’s most favorite region. Sinpaş’s newest project can be hosted in installments starting at 5.240 TL in Finansehir and you can invest in this increasing region.

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