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Developments in real estate markets in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, have brought a great change to the slum areas of the escape.

Fugitive Buildup Prevents Building Consolidation

In order to fortify the illegal structures outside the slums and the slums, it is necessary to first establish a legal framework for these buildings. Otherwise, these buildings are like the nightmares of the cities and they carry very important risks in terms of safety of life.

TOKI and municipal transformation projects from one side; on the other side in the city center, the construction plans are made even more increased in the region of investors are assessed as the end of the impact of the slum dwellings are now losing. In the near future, yeller will not blow in the places of the slum districts, but modern buildings, skyscrapers will show height.

Barrios, slums of Caracas on the hillside

Cultural Assets To Be Transferred To Future Generations

It is important to remember that there is only one very important witness who witnesses a gecekondular turn and moves from the village to the city. Spent some good life in the gecekonduler, nice hopes grew. In fact, we have lifted a crucial period in our society in the middle of lifting the slides away with various shapes.

It will be very difficult to tell the future generations about this painful period. Although transformation and change projects have been carried out, we can still see slums and neighborhoods that have not lost their “gecekondu” texture. Here we have to protect some of the neighborhoods from the neighborhoods to protect the same texture and to transfer it to future generations by renewing it with infrastructure and superstructure.

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