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Housing prices, which gained 1.07 percent in May, could rise by 0.79 percent in June. While Bursa was the most valuable city with 2.26 percent, the stock melting speed in new apartments remained below 2.7 percent and realized below the 6 month average of 4.3 percent.
“REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index” and “REIDIN Real Estate Index” prepared with the support of Ýkiye İş Bank were announced in June. According to the REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index, June price increases were 0.29% compared to the previous month and 2.82% compared to the same period of last year. In June, the rate of stock meltdown was 2.7%, which is 27% of the bank loan usage and 52% of the bill usage rate during sales.


According to the results of June ‘REIDIN Real Estate Index’ covering 68 provinces in Turkey, the increase in house prices was 0.79%. The highest rate of housing prices in June was also in May, with Bursa at 2.26% and Şanlıurfa at 0.97%. The REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index increased by 0.29% in June compared to the previous month, up by 2.82% compared to the same period of last year and 75.20% compared to January 2010, the initial period of the index. In June, Istanbul has a 0.55% share of branded residential projects located near Asia; Istanbul There is a 0.17% price increase in branded housing projects located in Europe. According to the initial period of the index, the projects near Istanbul Asia increased by 11.3 points compared to the European side.

In June, the down payment rate in new home sales rose by 6 percentage points to 21%. Bank lending rate decreased by 3 percentage points to 27% while bill usage rate decreased by 4 percentage points to 52%. In April, the bank loan usage rate was 35%, the down payment rate was 18% and the bond usage rate was 47%. 37% of the houses sold in June were finished and 63% were made up of unfinished housing stocks. Inventory melting rate, which decreased by 2.2 points compared to May, was realized as 2.7% on a piece basis and decreased by 2 points on a square meter basis to 2.5%.

‘REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index’

GYODER President evaluating the results of June 2017. Feyzullah Yetgin, “We see that the rate of new housing stock dissolution is 2.7% in June, which is below the average of last 6 months, which is 4.3%. When we examine the usage rates of the down payment, bond and bank loans of the consumers who buy houses from branded housing projects, we can say that the use of the bonds is still very intensive. The use of vouchers in sales is 41% higher than the average of last 6 months at 52%, which shows that the campaigns carried out by developers and the payment models they have adopted continue to be influential. ”


According to the previous month, 1 + 1 residential type sales increased by 0.51% in June, 0.17% in 2 + 1 residential type, 0.17% in 3 + 1 residential type and 0.92% in 4 + 1 residential type. In June, which had an increase of 0.53% in houses with a size of 51-75 square meters, it was 0.23% in houses with a size of 76-100 square meters, 0.17% in houses with a size of 101-125 square meters, 0.40%, 151 square meters and more in houses with a size of 126-150 square meters while those with large areas saw an increase of 0.67%. 5% of the sales realized in branded housing projects were made by foreign investors.

According to the latest results of the REIDIN Real Estate Index

In June, it increased by 0.79% compared to the previous month and by 10.13% compared to the same period of the previous year. Housing sales prices per square meter increased by 2.26% in June, Bursa was the city where the prices were the highest. In the same period, the city where the residential sales prices decreased most was Şanlıurfa with 0.97%. When the annual rate of increase is evaluated, the first 5 provinces where the prices of residential houses for sale increased the most in June; Balikesir (27.46%), Canakkale (22.08%), Tekirdağ (21.42%), Zonguldak (20.86%) and Bursa (20.19%).

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