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Designed for the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce by the GAD Foundation, the Kitapkent project is delighted. The project has also returned with the award at the World Architecture Festival.

Designed by the leading architects of Turkey, Gökhan Avcıoğlu, the GAD Foundation (GADEV) and the Istanbul City Chamber of Commerce (ITO) are among the important projects of the KitapKent (Media City) project.

Media City, which won the special prize of “JeuD’Esprit” jury in the “AR Future Project Awards 2017” organized in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious real estate summit MIPIM and the project of the year in the landscape architecture / urban planning category organized by the American Architecture Prize again this year, one of its leading events, the World Architecture Festival (WAF), won the WAFX awards in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Smart City category.


3 million square meters

This gigantic project will include all sides of the industry, from publisher to author, from newspaper to bookstores, from printing to distribution. Planned to be built on an area close to 3 million square meters, Kitapkent will be a broadcasting cluster project that will make Turkey a regional base in the field of culture and economics.

GADEV was founded to develop the architecture

GADEV, who had managed to return with the award from the World Architecture Festival held in Berlin last week, was founded in 2014 by GAD Office’s own architect, Gökhan Avcıoğlu. GADEV has awarded many award-winning projects; it aims to convey the architectural profession to the future generations in harmony with the conditions of the day.

Among the objectives of GADEV are “to develop and create awareness in the field of architecture, construction, engineering and installation cultures; To protect documentary values and to make necessary organizations in this direction; To promote architecture and art production in Turkey on an international scale; To increase solidarity among architects; Rewarding the work done through training and practices; Conducting guiding activities to increase architectural creativity; To inform people about architecture; To contribute to the studies that make possible advanced education systems in educational institutions; To make any contribution to the education of successful students; Organizing and participating in local and international academic, artistic and cultural events “.

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