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“We believe that there will be a way to satisfy both retailer and retailer investors about the common expenses,” said Hulusi Belgu, Chairman of the Shopping Center and Investors Association (AYD), who stated that it would be beneficial for everyone to revise the VAT amounts of rents paid by retailers. said.

The 9th Shopping Mall Investment Conference, which AYD aims to bring together shopping mall investors, managers, retailers and companies that support the sector, has started.

Speaking at Konferansta, Beglü reported that 124 shopping centers in the AYD area had an investment of 53.5 billion dollars and that 10 percent of the foreign capital investment in Turkey entered shopping centers.


Grocery shopping in the shopping centers said that 100 billion TL per year, the bank will be 110 billion TL in 2017 and 200 billion TL 2023’da predicted that the prospect.

“We are here to talk about what we can do to move the sector further, bring permanent solutions to the problems, and evaluate the trends of the retail sector in the world, and get out of our roadmap,” said Belgü, AVM numbers when it comes to 475 bids in 2023 and 15 million square meters in leasable areas. He spoke in the form of.

As a country, economic, political and sociological difficulties last year, Belgu said that all sectors, such as the retail sector is also receiving from these difficult conditions.

Instead of using the euro and the dollar, Belgü says that if they can afford it, they want to pay TL, but that they are not the only ones in their own right. “We think that commercial real estate and housing rents should not be the same in the same line.” said.

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