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As everything around is constantly changing, holiday destinations do also change every once in a while. Choice of a holiday destination reflects the personality of its chooser and even without a major change in a society, choices change dramatically from one generation to the other.


In case of a place like Turkey, there are all sorts of other factors that impact these choices. For instance, in recent years Turkey has approached more to the middle eastern countries and had a dramatic decline in its number of tourists coming from certain countries such as Russia, Germany, Austria or Holland. Therefore, we see more Arabic or Iranian tourists in Turkey more than ever and that affects the choice of holiday destinations as well.


The result of this trend can easily be seen in the highly increasing number of Middle Eastern tourists visiting high plateaus of Eastern Black Sea region highlighted by Trabzon and its surroundings. Arabic became the second language at touristic sites here as almost all the signs have also Arabic duplicates. The controversial “Green Road project” is also due to the rise of this region as a holiday destination.

Hot spring or spa tourism is another rising choice of holiday. Aforementioned type of tourists also prefer this type of tourism mostly due to the conservative and family oriented culture they have. Another reason is that Turkey is really a heaven in terms of hot springs. Despite places like Yalova comes to mind when two words such as Arabic and thermal springs are pronounced, Afyon is really the center of Turkey in spa tourism and it does not seem like it will lose its position in the near future.


Turkey has a long border with middle eastern countries. Historically, Turkey’s southeast has been considered part of middle east as well and thus Turkey’s border with the region starts from the southernmost tip of its border with Armenia, which indicates the southermost part of Caucasus region, and ends at the Mediterranean Sea. The countries that shares their borders with Turkey in this part are Iran, Iraq and Syria and all these three countries are major countries taken into account when it comes to number of tourists. Therefore, tourism of metropolitan cities such as Van in the case of Iran, Mardin in the case of Iraq, and Gaziantep as well as Hatay in the case of Syria are affected a lot by visits from these countries and due to the changing foreign politics of Turkey in recent years they have become rising holiday destinations with the things they offer in shopping, culture and heritage, natural and historical sites, spas, etc.


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