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The government is revolutionizing the sale of second-hand housing and automobiles, involving millions of citizens. Both the housing and second hand vehicle sales of the citizen’s cebine, the first foot of the reform package will be reflected in the life presented to the Prime Ministry.

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci, the guest of SABAH Newspaper, explained details of the reform package. Tüfenkci stated that they will take an important step to discipline the second hand market and said “We have completed the second hand automotive regulation and we are reviewing it in the Prime Ministry. We have drafted a regulation on real estate immovable trading. We do not want any groceries, groceries and teachers to come into real estate. we want to create the environment, “he said.

Minister Tüfenkci stated that they will clarify the commission rates in the purchase and sale of real estate and that they will clear the commission rates in the purchase and sale of the property. the rules they are obliged to be determined, will discipline the sector, “he said.


Tüfenkci stated that the immovable trade information system will be formed, “Second hand immovable trade can be watched in an electronic environment, it will be obliged to give information, arrangements will be made for chambering work for professional discipline among themselves. What details can be seen electronically?

  • Warranty and appraisal period for second hand car and residential sales starts.
  • The gallery and the real estate agents will take responsibility.
  • The commission rates on second hand sales will be clear.
  • Reconstruction, ground survey, the age of the building, especially the age of the house will be removed.
  • The contract between the broker and the proprietor will be clear.
  • The immovable trading information system will be established.
  • Second hand car can be purchased from electronic media.
  • Citizen can request 10 thousand kilometers of second-hand guarantee.

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