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The new parking place regulations which have been announced by the minister of environment and urbanisation Mehmet Ozhaseki has taken place in official gazette in the past days. Regulations are going to go into operation as of 1st June. According to new rules, if new buildings do not meet the conditions, it will have neither construction permit nor residential usage licence.

It is going to be occupational to show all the details or car park such as the furnishing and the order of parking places including the lots for handicapped, the parking ramp (if there is one), capacity of the park, etc. on the certified architectural project with the numerical value.

One Parking Place for Every Single Flat 

The rules have evolved from one parking lot for 3 flats to one parking lot for each flat. It has ranked the exceptional situations as follows:

– If the land of the building is not available to meet the conditions which have been determined by the rules, it has to be reported by the administration with a technical report (such as; if the geological or topographical structure of the land is not possible to builg car park or a basement, if the entrance or exit is not possible for the land of the building, etc.)

– If the land of the building is involved to a land; in the plot of cultural assets with the safety need which is determined by the rules with the number of 2863 and the date of 21/7/1983 in the code of protection of cultural and natural properties

To overcome the stated problems

– If possible, parking lots will be established by using neighbour lots

– If possible, the car park will be built in a different land in a walking distance

– If the car park has built in a different land, it has to be stated in the construction permit, residential usage licence and the administration plan

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