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Real estate companies are developing a new model to find owners of unsold homes in completed housing projects.

They say to the buyer, ‘Come for a year, be a tenant, test the house, get it if you want’. Moreover, the price paid by the consumer for 1 year is deducted from the house price. If you do not make a purchase at the end of the year, the tenancy runs without a sanction, or it is moving. This system has two important advantages for the buyer besides revitalizing the housing market. First, the buyer sees that he will experience and adapt to the region he will live in constantly. Secondly, if the economic situation is not available at the moment, it is gaining time.

Servotel, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Ayla Heyfegil, consultant in hotel and real estate development areas, evaluated the changing trends in real estate at the press conference.

Heyfegil, who wants to experience the real estate and the environment that customers will buy, says, “The campaigns ‘rent first, then take’ in the house will increase in the coming period. We tried Zekeriyaköy and Bahçeşehir and we got a very good return. Over time, companies with large inventory in hand will return to it “.
“The new trend is simplicity and comfort,” says Heyfegil, who stated that consumers’ demands and expectations have changed in both the residential and office markets. Now the buyer does not want a villa with 6-7 rooms. In the past, an average of 300 square meters of villas were built, the demand is now 150 square meters on average. More accessible and manageable living spaces stand out. This is also the case in social areas. Large, unused social spaces are turning to buyers as a cost, dues as much as rent. The situation at Oyste is similar. Now the employer does not want his employee at 9 in the morning. The important thing is that things get resolved, so the need for large offices is diminishing “.


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