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 Home    Record Increase In Housing Loans

Those who want to get rid of the home rent go directly the banks’ doors too much. Having a home becomes much easier by borrowing from banks with many alternatives. According to the data, 28.5 million citizens applied for bank borrowing. A crucial part of this was the ones who wanted to use housing loans.

Those who want to be a homeowner are going the bank knowing the opportunity of low interest rates. This situation led to a significant increase in housing loans. Everybody who want to have a home can buy and then have a home thanks to these housing loans.


Bankers Association 2016 Data Is Explained!

According to the data, 28.5 million citizens go the banks. 2.4 million people in 1 year, 22.3 million people consumer loan, 792 thousand people took the auto loan.

In the first three months, the use of accelerated credit increased. Between January and March months, the consumer loan broke a record with 177 billion liras. In March, 194 thousand people needed the loan for the first time. The borrowing per person is 7 thousand 920 TL.

BağlantıRapidly increasing housing loans, however, had a new record. Household loans drawn per person debt increased by 6 thousand 272 pounds. The use of housing loans reached 74 thousand 811 liras.

11.5 billion sunk in the 177 billion TL loan. The minimum lost in the house with 900 million pounds. People who buy home with loan were loyal to their debt.

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