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The real estate tax season of 2018 will start by next March. Taxpayers will be able to make their first installment payments within 3 months of the end of May. The taxes will be paid to the municipality. The tax debt can also be paid online via the e-municipal system. Entrants will be able to cover all of the tax credits during this period. Taxpayers will pay taxes by calculating the real estate tax rates of the real estate.

Some owners may be exempt from tax payments. Tax debts payable even if the conditions of exemption are paid may be refunded.

1- Who may be exempt from real estate tax?

According to the law no. 1319, those who have only one residence, who are single resident and who have a usufruct and who have a usufruct, resignation, no income, housewives, martyr relatives, widows and orphans and gas can be exempted from real estate tax. For exemption, a petition can be applied to the district municipality.

2- How to recover the real estate tax?

Unaware of the exemption, the property tax paid for the vacant lot can be refunded for a retrospective 5-year period. You can apply to the municipality with a petition for the real estate tax return.

3- What should be done if the answer does not come to the wish?

If the real estate tax department does not correct or responds to the petition within 60 days after the application made to the municipality, the Mayor can be given a petition for remediation by complaint.

If the mayor responds negatively or fails to respond within 60 days, the tax court can be sued within 30 days.

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