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Turkey in the last year of 1 million 323 thousand 155 thousand 148 buildings and apartment construction and building permits, indicating that the Real Estate REIT General Manager Murat Kurum ‘quota’ brought the proposal.

“The fact that the construction is the locomotive sector is real, there is demand but an arrangement is a must,” Mr. Kurum said. It was said that a quota had to be put in construction permits.

Licensing Issues

Mr. Kurum said, “If the farmer is given a quota when planting the crop, it must be in construction. There is conversion in one place, 10 thousand houses sold per year, 30 thousand licenses are given. Then the producer has to sacrifice the profit. Of course, not every district is the same. For example, it is sold at Ataşehir but the Bagdat Street is talking about the problem. If one meter sells 6 thousand dolars and now sells 4 thousand dolars, it is good. The municipality must not ignore it when issuing a license and must not be licensed to come before it. The technical and financial qualifications of construction companies are sought. This time, right wrong, good bad is not distinguished. If we do not get it under regulation, if we do not give quota, if we do not give a license, the process will go bad and the whole sector will be adversely affected. ”

Legal Regulation Required

Indicating that the associations in the real estate sector are united and trying to be one voice, the Agency has stated that the government and sector representatives are working for the regulations. The Ministry of Finance has also been working on the real estate sector, Mr. Kurum said. “It may be called title deed, VAT regulation, allocation of credit warranty fund or other model. But for the sector I think they should be done, “he said.

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