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 Home    Property Tax Value is Far From Reality!

Property tax; Is a tax collected based on wealth. The deadline of the first payment for a tax that is collected by municipalities is 31st of March, 2017. İn his explanation, the Director of Altın Emlak, Mustafa Hakan Ozelmacikli, said the following words : ‘The tax value of buildings and lands for 2017 will be the amount, the year of 2016 increased by 3.83 percent, which is the revaluation rate for this year.

“Appreciation commissions are gathered every four years to determine the land taxes. But this is a long time for valuations and the numbers are far from real market. The numbers will affect the real estate market in the coming year, and the real estate tax will make more than a hundred percent difference in some areas.’ Said Ozelmacikli.


Twice as Much is Paid in Metropolises!

He pointed out that the real estate tax is applied in 100 percent increments in metropolitan cities and in urban areas. ‘Property tax is taken over the current value of one thousandth from land, one thousandth from residences and two thousandth from businesses’ said Elmacıklı.

Those Who Do Not Pay Property Taxes

Bağlantı Ozelmacikli finished his speech with following words: ‘Those who document that they do not have any income, that their income is only the monthly salaries they receive from the social security institutions, also martyrs, veterans, disabled people, widows and orphans of martyrs are free of property taxes in case they have maximum 200 square meters land in borders of Turkey’

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