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The project gracefully combines all the privileges of a high-end residence with exciting additional features, while redefining the meaning of luxury to also offer practicality and pleasure. We call it “Practical Luxury”. Rising above a 9.500 m2 land plot, Project successfully blends elegance, prestige and comfort, housing 440 tower flats, 26 terrace homes and 50 offices. Roof Bar on the 50th floor and the Pool&Cafe serve only to complement the ideal setting for style and gracious living Nurol Life seeks to provide along with many other distinguished differences: A modern architectural outline… An exterior facade covered with perlite, allowing the building to breathe… A five-storey parking lot for 1,019 vehicles… 23 elevators… Foldable window-frames in all flats and a lofty 4-meter ceiling…

Just to name a few plush and prestigious neighboring districts; Maslak, İstinye, Bebek, Levent, Mecidiyeköy, Nişantaşı and Beşiktaş… Situated merely at a walking-distance from the subway station and in close proximity to the key and peripheral freeways, Project extends easy access to these nearby hubs of entertainment that host Istanbul’s upscale restaurants and the most popular shopping centers and scattered hubs of entertainment.

Project recognizes no limits in standards in all aspects… Residence apartments featuring 4-meter- high ceilings will undoubtedly add a fresh vista and a welcome new dimension to your life, while also ensuring your comfort. Project nestled right beside the Belgrad Forest… Windows stretches from ceiling to floor allowing the natural scents of this woodland to drift all the way into your residence, as you savor the invigorating splendors of a lavish landscape. Underfloor heating – another privilege to add to the luxury and comfort of your residence.



Ataturk Airport : 25 km.
Istanbul Airport :44 km.
TEM :2 min.
Istinye Park : 8 min.
Vadi Istanbul : 250 m.
Istanbul Technical University : 6 km.
MEF Uni : 3 km.
Işık Uni : 5 km.
ENKA Schools : 6 km.



Total Properties:50
Total Floors:466
Commercial Units:50



1+0  1,103,190 ₺
1+1   1,351,986 ₺
2+1  1,658,462 ₺
3,5+1  3,809,231 ₺
3+1   2,931,637 ₺


Café & Restaurants
Dinner Room
Fitness Center
Shopping Mall

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