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Oya Armutcu, one of the authors of the Hürriyet Newspaper, wrote in the corner of his article entitled “Do not be cheated when selling houses”. Here are the details of the post …

Pay attention when buying a home when you sell. Because every day a new fraud management goes to the market.

Taking the money in cash and transferring the taps is the most rational method for buyers and sellers. What should you do to avoid being cheated if you want to pay the buyer the amount of the second-hand home sales during this period and give it back afterwards? First of all, the mail of B.D. in this subject is:

“I follow your writings in the Hürriyet newspaper with interest. There is something I want to consult with you. Our situation is as follows; we want to sell our house but the buyer wants to give some of the money later. Would it be correct to make a deal on the realization of the sale after a certain period of time, provided that the real estate sale contract is made and the money is paid in full? How can a homeowner be tracked so that it does not hurt? ”

 Montenegro’s response to the reading and the warning in this regard are as follows:

“You can promise to sell real estate. The borrower agrees to the promise of a real estate sales promise consistent with the contract. However, the buyer may not be able to buy the deed. The most reasonable way to satisfy both buyer and seller; the first ordinary mortgage facility in favor of the seller on immovable for unpaid debt. However, except for these two methods, such as taking a look-and-receive vouchers, you may get into trouble to receive the applications. The whole of the money is paid in advance and the devotee is devolved. ”

The second question is İ.Ç. from the e-mail. That question is as follows:

“I have 25 apartments in my apartment. All of the apartments are from 5 to 6 houses. I have a landlord sitting in the apartment. He’s the manager. Everything is monopolized. The hosts left the job to the manager because they did not want to deal with it and just looked at the land to go to their hands. Decisions are being made as if it was not the case. I can get a raise in a night. As a tenant, can I request a copy of these decisions taken at the meeting? ”

Montenegro’s assessment of all tenants is as follows:

“You first ask the administration to make copies of these decisions. If not, ask your host for help. I say homeowner, because the tenant may not always have a floor. The person responsible for the common expenses of the apartment is the floor owner. The tenant is responsible for the cost of the lease from the joint expenses.

If you think that the amount of the subsidy is too disproportionate and unjustifiable as to the apartment owners who have the majority of the independent sections, you can also get rid of the debt by cutting off the rent amount of the prostitution subsidy. If you disagree with your landlord’s dismissal from the tenancy, the job is to file a lawsuit against the court of justice for the intervention of the judge against other floor owners who participate in the floor owners’ establishment where the dues are determined and vote affirmatively. Because in the law of condominium ownership is dependent on the property of the floor and only the owner of the floor who is your host can ask for intervention of the judge.

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