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Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association has released a new report. According to this report, significant developments are striking. Some points were noted in the published this report. 4 indices have changed compared to the previous month. It was shared that this change was under the values ​​of previous months. A different point was mentioned in report. A comparison of December 2017 was made. According to this comparison, Ready Mixed Concrete Index increased compared to the previous year. It was reported that this increase amounted to 1 percent.

What is the Status at Other Indices?

An increase in activity and trust incidents was achieved. Both indices increased compared to the previous month. An increase of 1.6 percent and 0.7 percent respectively were achieved. A survey was conducted. According to this survey some information was obtained from the participating companies. The sector, which indicates the increase in sales, was determined as 15 percent. A segment with 37 per cent approved the decline in sales.


The construction industry’s expectations have changed. The Ready Mixed Concrete Index has risen. This rise was welcomed. Sales are expected to increase in the coming months. In the questionnaires made, 26 percent of the sales of the sector will increase the percentage of 42 percent of the sales will decrease the idea as the idea.

What is Ready Mixed Concrete Index?

3 different indices are produced each month in Turkey. These three indices are assessed. In addition, these three indices are combined with ready mixed concrete index. A new index, the compound index, emerges.

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