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 Home    Ozhaseki: “70 Thousand Houses Damaged In The East”

Environment and Urbanism Minister Mehmet Ozhaseki stated that many houses were damaged due to terror in eastern and southern Turkey.


Özhaseki emphasized the importance of urban transformation in all of the workshops he attended and said, “We have very old cities, we are representatives of a civilized civilization, we are on this homeland for a thousand years and we have established two great civilizations like Seljuk and Ottoman civilization. we came up with an ideological municipal government, and when immigration was over, we were caught unprepared and our cities were filled with slums, on one side we had unhealthy towns and on the other we had cities without identity. ”


Ministers Özhaseki, said that Turkey is located in the east around 70 thousand homes damaged in some provinces due to terrorism. Özhaseki said, “70,000 houses were damaged there, 30,000 of them were burned down and others were going to be done with minor repairs. We are in charge of ministry as we are in charge, we have worked there. We see there, there is no citizen’s guilt or sin, ‘get out of the houses, we will kill off these terrorists.’ Terrorists do not want to leave their citizens, they want to shelter them, they want children to be put forward and they want to be shot, citizens have cleaned up, we have cleaned up the terrorists but their houses are ruined. There are thousands of people in the houses of relatives in the tents outside. A state has two hands, one is power and the other is compassion We are going to go to Sirnak, Cizre and that region again next week and we will continue to surrender the houses there, but be sure to see the happiness in the eyes of the people there or if you are talking they say, “What if these rogue men come here again?” We need to continue this stance, it is immaculate, and Allah will not give us any more terror worries, bring us closer to Kahramanmaras. ”

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