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Getting a home is one of everybody’s dreams. People are trying to get new housing. The state provides support and encouragement to those who will receive housing. It aims to make everyone home on this. An application was implemented in the past years. This practice was intended to make it easier for people to become new hosts. This application came into force in 2015. But it seems that this practice has failed. Instead, a new application comes into play. The new application will be highly anticipated.

Old System

The old system foresees a certain year of accumulation. This accumulation was constantly increasing. The accumulated accumulation was a definite contribution at the end of state accumulation. After this contribution, people were buying houses. But this method failed. Expected figures could not be reached. The government then began to work on new methods.

What’s in the new system?

With this new system, accumulation and merging home loans are considered. In these areas, it is aimed to facilitate the taking of houses by providing various advantages. Deputy Prime Minister Simsek has made some statements in this regard. He added that the government is on the agenda to contribute to the citizens who have accumulated for a certain period and to provide various advantages.

What does the German model offer?

The accumulation in the German model will support a variety of additional. One of these supports will be interest support. Loans with lower interest rates will be given to those who will buy housing. At this point, the maturity and the interest burden to be paid will be reduced. Getting a home will get easier. Everyone is targeted to buy a house.

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